Owlet Smart Sock 2 Review


When Olivia was born up to when she was a few months old, we were co-sleeping. We tried very hard to let her sleep in her bassinet (and her crib), but the second her head touches it, she would scream. We’d gotten some advice from people, but some seemed to be baffled as to why it wasn’t easy. This Reddit user summed this up quite well. Olivia is nowhere near the son of that Reddit user and I would say is relatively easy compared to stories I’ve heard from friends and strangers, but I brought that Reddit post up because it perfectly highlights how babies are actually individuals with differences in personalities, which I think some people may not understand. It gives, especially first time parents, undue stress thinking something isn’t right.

This is a bit of a tangent, but it reminds me of when I walk Beans and some outgoing pet owner with their equally outgoing dog comes up to us saying they want to say “hi”. Then when I pull Beans away, they give me this face and tell me that their dog is friendly. Well, I’m not pulling my dog away because I’m scared of your dog. I’m pulling my dog away because as mellow and as sweet as she is to all humans and kids, she just doesn’t like some dogs, especially big ones. Your dog isn’t like my dog! Duh.

Anyway, during one of my visits to my obgyn, I had casually brought this up and she suggested that we hire a baby sleep trainer (yes, these people actually exist!). My husband and I were desperate and after doing a ton of research, we found Natalie. She gave us a very detailed plan and schedule and we were required to not leave the house for 48 hours. Within a couple days, Olivia’s nighttime sleep habits have changed for the better.

Me being the paranoid parent, I was constantly watching the monitor to check on my daughter. It didn’t help that Olivia would do a face plant in her mattress. Every time she cried, it would shatter my heart and make me cry. I was getting more sleep when we were co-sleeping! To give myself peace of mind, I found Owlet.


I have to say, this is one of the most beautifully designed products I’ve ever seen — from the sock itself to its brochure and iOS app. Set up was super easy.IMG_4422.JPG

Screenshot 2017-07-11 19.55.53.pngIf I had to nitpick, I’m not a fan of how the heart and oxygen symbols sit in the middle of the meter. It threw me off at first thinking they were supposed to be the needles in the meter. I wasn’t sure why they appear to always be at 50% even though the numbers say otherwise. Heck, even their support person got confused. Apparently, they don’t really serve a purpose other than aesthetics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had high hopes for Owlet to work really well, however, within just a couple of days of using it, the base station kept going off because the sock kept getting disconnected. It was especially annoying when it happened in the middle of the night. We were already sleep-deprived and this was making it worse 😠

It’s working great… until it’s not

I really, really wanted it to work so I gave it a chance. After a lot of back and forth with support, we managed to get it working smoothly for a few weeks… then the alarm would go off again. Even after ensuring that the sock had been put on correctly, that the base station was in an ideal location, etc., it still was problematic. But that one night when the red alarm went off was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It sent my husband and I to a sheer panic. We both ran upstairs and stormed Olivia’s room. In the back of our heads, we felt that it could be a false alarm due Owlet being glitchy, but we were still anxious that maybe something was wrong. But thank goodness it was just a false alarm! 🙏


I wanted to love Owlet. I’m sad we got rid of it, but it’s very glitchy. $299 is not cheap, I wanted it to work. My husband and I love technology due to the nature of our jobs (even our dog, Beans, has a Fitbark), but it was causing more problems than if we didn’t have it. Olivia’s a bit older now, too, and can safely roll from belly to back so this has given us a bit more assurance.